The Right Automotive Fluids For Novi Drivers

February 26, 2015

All those automotive fluids can be confusing for Novi car owners. Recent years have brought new grades of engine oil, types of transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid. The right fluid protects your vehicle and helps it perform at its best. The wrong fluid wont work as well for Novi auto ow... More

Odometer Rollback On Your Novi Michigan Auto

February 19, 2015

How do Novi auto owners know if an odometer is telling the truth? Well, back in '86, Congress passed the Truth-in-Mileage Act to protect Michigan consumers against mileage fraud. It says a Michigan seller must certify the mileage reported is the Actual Mileage. To have your odometer ... More

Fresh Air Inside Your Car in Novi

February 11, 2015

Air quality has certainly become a hot issue in our modern Novi world. We install air filters on our ventilation systems and in our vacuum cleaners. Theres a filter that cleans the air going into our SUVs engine so why not one for the air in the passenger compartment? Foreign and... More

Sovel's Auto Service On Your Serpentine Belt

February 6, 2015

Today were going to be talking about serpentine belts for our Novi, Michigan customers. Lets start by talking about the accessories that are driven by the serpentine belt. First is the alternator. Thats the vital device that makes electricity to power the SUV and recharge the battery... More