Service to Improve Fuel Economy

April 28, 2019

The price of gas in Michigan has got people in Novi talking. It seems that Novi folks who need a bigger vehicle to carry family and gear, or provide four wheel drive, are hit especially hard. That is why we thought it would be good to review some things that anyone can do to improve fuel economy... More

Upsizing Wheels and Tires With Sovel's Auto Service

April 21, 2019

Many Novi drivers want to accessorize their vehicle - you know, make it theirs. One of the easiest ways to get a custom look is to get some new wheels. There are thousands of wheel designs at Novi area tire shops to get you the look you want. And for many Novi drivers, that look includes bigger ... More

A Bright Idea

April 14, 2019

You've probably noticed how much easier it is to see when you're driving in the daytime as opposed to at night. It's one of the main reasons about half of all fatal vehicle accidents happen when it's dark. That's why it's important that your vehicle's headlights are in top condition and working t... More

Automotive Tips from Sovel's Auto Service: Brake Noise

April 7, 2019

Your brake pads are the important parts that rub against the rotor (or disc) to slow and stop your car when driving in Novi. They eventually wear down.When your pads are worn too much, they wont stop your vehicle as well. When the friction material is worn away, metal parts of the pad are exposed... More